Volunteering With the HCG

In 2006 I joined The Halifax Charity Gala Committee, they asked me to look at redesigning their logo, stationery introducing a corporate feel throughout. A friend and I joined the Halifax Charity Gala committee in the last quarter of 2006. Having been involved in the gala for a number of years with another organisation, I was keen to see how much green the grass was on the other side of the fence. Given our backgrounds in computing and mine in websites I was asked to look at setting up a website and corporate image. The logo was an old and some what dated, and rather scary, clown. The letter head was a very basic concoction of word art letters the sectary had created after the 'official' preprinted supply had run dry. The limitations on what the design had to be was, well, limited. I had the scope to take the look, feel, colour scheme and overall corporate design were ever I wanted. See where I did take it in 99 Red Balloons.