99 Red Balloons

What sums up The Halifax Charity Gala? What sums up any Charity Gala? What could become the logo after 50 years of a Clown?

The original logo was a clown and a rather scary one at that. But is a clown right. The Halifax Charity Gala doesn't have a circus, sometimes there are clowns entertaining the crowds but that's not the main attraction. The fair, the stalls, the games, the arena, the procession, the park, the people, the old, the young, I don't think there is a main attraction to the Halifax Charity Gala, its a cocktail of different activities that once mixed in the right way produces an attraction that is so much more than the sun of its component.

So how do you sum up such an event in a logo. An event that inspires some 15,000 people make their way to Manor Heath and spend their money to help local good causes. Me, I think balloons, fun, exciting, a party, children, adults, teenagers all like balloons in someway, whether they admit it on not. The only colour that could make such a vibrant image has got to be red. Bright, intense and eye chatting. The Halifax Charity Gala out lined in black with the initials HCG worn on the balloons makes the HCG.