Fronter Roadshow

A presentation from Fronter and the ICT Consultant on what this VLE can do. What other school have done and who do you need to train to get your school doing it.

Looking for the MLE?

There was a lot of confusion around the later about who takes on the Fronter Technical Administrator role. Most schools were expecting this to be an ICT person, Technician for example, however Fronter and the LEA have suggest someone with SIMS access which leaves the school administrator, whether they will want / have time for the job remains to be seen!

A big thing for some people to take on board was that the VLE is not an ICT project but a whole school project and its implantation is more about Change Management across different subjects rather than some the children do in ICT.

There had been a little discussion from some of the other 3 sessions about the decision, taken at last weeks LEA Induction, to include some of the tool which include; Internal Email, Instant Messaging and a Facebook type page. However the limited feedback from this group seemed quite positive.

Although the first phase of school would be required to provide much more detailed Acceptable Use Policies to include these tool. The LEA are in the process of creating these as a region but they will not be available until after the first phase of Calderdale Schools have rolled out.

One related new story today was mention 'Low-income homes to get net links' after one teacher asked about home / out of school access for those without a computer. There was comments about opening school ICT facilities more often, and you can also surf the net for free at all static Calderdale Libraries.