Fonter Training 1

Yes, another day out of school for VLE training!

We'll actually that's not strictly true, Woodhouse hosted the training but I was still a day off timetable.

The day was quite fast paced for some first time users and technophobes! The training covered some of the main tool set and some example of how to use them in the classroom and what educational value they could be.

  • Frontpage (within a Room)
  • Forum
  • Voting
  • Links (internal and external)
  • File uploads
  • Voice Recorder (although this wasn't available on the Calderdale version)

This has left some with the feeling of bewilderment as to the scale of Fronter and where to start? The different ideas include; replacement of the Wordpress blog used in Guided Reading, replacement of squirrel mail for the school webmail access and school diary, a big initiative multi-school projected to attract interest however no ideas as yet as to the projects contents.

Further training is to take place on Thursday on the Administration side of the software which will hopefully enable some immediate collaborative works between different schools.