Fronter Training 2 (Admin)

A masive lift after Tuesday's - 'Things can only get better'

Consolidation was the word of the day! Following some people leaveing rather dishearted on Tuesday, todays training was much more improved both in content and delivery!

I agree with the main comment from attendees was to swap the two days around and do the admin training on day one. This way those involved in just the administration and no curiculm side to the VLE could (if they or more likely the school wished) missed the second day.

The message to following schools who have to do it our way round (4 a week for the next 3 weeks). It to keep the faith it will become clear by about lunch time on the seconday day.

Todays Activities

Firstly was the increase of power! School admin for both Woodhouse and Withinfields.

Then the creation for groups, uses and enrolment of both to rooms. Seeing a room created from start to finish including furnishing the room with relievent tools was a definate 'penny dropping' moment for all some could be felt in Halifax they dropped from so high!

We now have a Govenors room, Radio Woodhouse Production Studio (only a virtual one, unfortunately) and Guided Read room. These are likely to be the first starting points for Woodhouse. Althought a meeting to be sort to plan where to kick off.

It could however easliy end up been planned for ever and a day putting off the luanch indefinatly, I think as Shirley would say 'we need some quick wins'. Replacing the word press blog we recently started with one if the VLE should be relitively pain free then were using it and the barrier should start to coming down - at least thats the hope!