Linking to National Coal Mining Museum via Video Conference for A Bevin Boy Remembers as part of a year 4 project.

Woodhouse Primary School have registered with YHGfL & the JANET based JVCS so they are now able to VC with groups all over the county, country and beyond!

Following a couple of test sessions to ensure all the technology works and with a link between both year 4 classrooms to introduce VC etiquette. Year 4 were the first pupils to connect outside the school via VC. They called the National Coal Mining Museum to hear and get involved with a Bevin Boy as he remembers his life in World War 2.

The live event took place early February and the pupils answered and asked questions to bring the history of the wartime life, rationing, conscription and the Benvin boys in to the classroom.

The presentation from the NCM included a look at some items from the time including a ration book and wage slip.

For more information checkout the NCM VC page or the YHGfL VC pages.