eAlerts for newsletters and more

A new module for Athena whcih allows parents to suscribe to receive email alerts as soon as a Newsletter or other items of interest is posted on the school website.

Schools often want to keep electrionic mailing lists for newsletters and other items. It then falls to someone to manage and maintain these lists adding new parents, removing old ones updating email addresses. Then theres  how many lists do they have? One for whole school newsletter, one for each class newsletter, one for podcasts, another for letters... the list goes on and quickly become unmanageable.

The new eAlert module allows parents to sign up themselves, choose what they wish to receive and when they no longer need the information, unsubsrcibe. No staff involvement at all. On all the pages where eAlert is available there is automatically a link to the subscription page.

The emails, which are personally address to each recipient, inlcude the item name or caption, a breif description of the particular newsletter and the link to the item.

In parallel with this I have also further developed the Files Module include links to software which may be required to view the downloads on each page, for example Adobe Reader. The links again automatically appear on pages with downloads and only show those relivant to the documents on the page. So a pages with just Word Document to download won't show the link for the free Excel viewer.

The number of times each item is downloaded and the number of visits coming to download directly from eAlerts are added to the Google Analytics infomation. The school can also access a list of who is subsribed to each list so they don't receive a paper copy where the school wish.