EyeFi Cards

These have the potential to be a great product espicially for Schools. EyeFi cards can turn most digital camera, which use an SD card, in to a WIFI camera.

No more usb cables, not issues with camera drivers, no memory card reader require. The EyeFi card replaces the usual SD card and can store around 8GB (depends on the version) but also contains a Wifi antenna. Once setup when you take a photo it travels over the schools wireless network and in less than a minute it is on the network ready to use.

The technology does have its downside; the battery life appear to have been hit hard (although it looks like this could be an issue with our batteries - working on it) and its a complicated setup due to the EyeFi card requiring to access the EyeFi server (internet) not an issue expect they don't supporting proxy servers.

I knew this beforehand and could easily work around it fulling there tech supports instructions configuring the card while on direct internet access as the WIFI SSID, tick a box to say wireless network out of range. This needs to be done on the computer you wish to use as the EyeFi 'Server' which will need to be turned on for the system to work (a laptop is the easiest to take home and get on the interent but it not the best thing to use as there not as often left on all day). I was going to set it up at home but it possible over 3G so I give the computer in question access to my phones internet, configured the card. Switched back to the school network and done! Took about 40min or so playing around with the options before I was completely happy but it did work first attempt.

During the setup you can decided where you want the photos to go, I've also got them in sperate folders for each day so it doesn't get too difficult to tawl through. The photo can be placed any where on the network using UNC or a mapped network drive.

EyeFi card will also upload to Flickr, YouTube and other such sites but easier enough to trun there off, also turned of the GeoTagging which add the approximate location a photo was taken to its exif date. Again I turned this off as all would be school and this also requires access the the EyeFi Server so won't work in school.