Athena Alerts

Athena comes with an alerts module which displays highly visable messages on the Homepage. This is especially useful in winter when multiple weather warnings can be issued each week.

Screen shot of Woodhouse Primary School Website

Warnings are, as standard, available in 4 colours: red, yellow, green and blue. Within the system they are refered to as: Unexpected Action, Warning, All Clear and Information Only respectively.

Parent Expectations

Parents and staff increasingly expect school websites to inform them of up to the minute information on whether school is open or closed when snow hits. Below is a a graph showing the number of vistors to a school website (the exact figures have been removed). The increase on Monday 2nd Feb 2009 when heavy snow closed a number of schools was almost double the total visits for the whole of January. The school had given no instruction to parents or pupils to check the website in such circumstances, they simply expected the information to be there.

Graph showing the increase in vistors on the 1st Feb 2009 due to heavy snow.


Access to the alerts system can be limited to specific users and an audity trial is collected on all changes to Alerts. As they are completely seperate and do no involved editing your homepage content in anyway multiply message can be writen and approved by senior staff proir to been needed and publish or unpublish via a single click. This means other staff can quickly publish the alters, either under standing orders / guidelines or with a breif conversation with SLT.

Athena is also able to automatically issue a Warning Alert when ever a Flash Warning for Server or Exterme snow issued by the Met Office for and the Humber.

Informing Parents

Each Alert holds a link to an internal or extal web page providing further information on the situcation in this case the school has link to the Met Ofiice's Wweather Warning for Yorkshire and the Humber page.

Screen shot of Withinfield Primary School Website

Coming Soon - Planed future developments are expected to include the ability for the site to notify key members of staff whenever a Warning Alert is issued this will then be expanded to allow the option for the site to notify parent via email or text message when an Unexpected Action / Closure Notice is published.