Email is no longer a thing of the future and is now a way of life. Most business use email to communicate with customers and suppliers whilst Social Media is now becoming a big player in the communication world email still remains the solution business rely on so you need to ensure you have the best you can for an affordable price.


Why not take a look at out Office 365 & Exchange in the Cloud packages. Offering some fantastic features over the basic email. Contact us for more information.


Office 365 Business

From £3.80 /mo.

  • Business Email
  • Shared Contacts and Calendars
  • Options for full suite of Office software
  • No on premise hosting costs
  • 1TB Cloud Storage with OneDrive
Exchange in the Cloud

From just £2.75 /mo.

  • No on premise hosting costs
  • Business Class Email
  • Share Contacts & Calendars