Workflow Automation

Save time by automating simple tasks, for example.

Automated Invoice creation

The Halifax Gala Committee host around 30 member charities each year at their main event the Halifax Charity Gala. Member can hire equipment from the committee for a nominal fee. Previously, the Charity Liaison Officer collated the equipment requirement before sending them to the Treasure who would manually create invoice and email them to the charities and record them on the accounts spreadsheet. Now with Intregromat this and many other processors have been automated. Bellow is an example workflow, monitoring the charities requirement nightly from the 15th May and processing up to 10 per night. Where requirement include equipment that hasn't already been invoice it get the next invoice number, the invoice template, works out the total amounts for each item type and the overall total merged this with the template and save a Word and PDF version to the Dropbox folder for the charities before emailing the invoice to them (CCing the treasurer). No work at all from the committee volunteer, all automated.

Equipment Hire Invoices