Cloud Network Drive - Hosted by Microsoft AZURE

Whilst you may be familiar with using a shared network drive, the majority of shared drives are managed from on-premises servers. By moving a shared network drive to the cloud, it provides plenty of benefits for your business.

Reduced costs

Moving to the cloud reduces any costs that are usually associated with on-premises servers (buying the server, maintenance fees and upgrades). The cloud allows you to pay only for what you use, saving you a great deal of money in the long run.

Access files anywhere, anytime

Unlike an on-premises shared network drive, using the cloud means that you and your employees can access files securely from any device, an advantage in a world moving towards mobile working.

No fuss management

With on-premises servers, regular maintenance is required. This includes making sure the server is up to date and noting when support is coming to end of life. With the cloud, there’s no need to manage hardware or a server OS, meaning you will always have the most up to date security updates, aiding GDPR compliance.