Umbraco is a Content Management System (CMS) developed specifically for use by developers.

Once we've setup your website, Umbraco is an intuitive and easy to use CMS so you don’t need to be a developer to manage the content on your website.

Complete Flexibility and Control

Content is easily added, while permissions control who can do what. The content itself is all monitored, and each change recorded so a previous version can be restored. With the ‘locking’ of Ofsted required content, the risk accident deletion is vastly reduced. You can also schedule content a head of time to ensure key information doesn’t get forgotten.

Search Capabilities

The customisable, built-in search feature can accommodate any search requirement and combined with a beautiful and intuitive user interface for both visitors and editors. Finding what you’re looking for is easy.

Media made Easy

The built-in media library makes managing digital assets child’s play by automatically scaling your photos. 3 High Performance With built-in content cache, your site is given a performance boost. You’ll also have a great editing experience thanks to back-office optimisation.


Umbraco is open source, constantly being updated and is currently used for also half a million websites include big names.

For Schools

“Brilliant, one of the best school websites I’ve seen.” Ofsted inspector

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For Multi-Academy Trusts

Multiple site under one umberela, your websites mirror you organisations. One over arching installation with control over smaller individual school sites.

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For Business

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For charities and community groups

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